The BPO is the outsourcing of a business process of the company, which normally is not part of their "core business". The partwork performs accounting services, tax calculation routines of the tax department, payroll and personnel, routines financial officer, controller and other services of an organization.

Strategic Benefits of BPO

  • Focus on core business, leaving the implementation of processes to support the partwork;
  • Increased efficiency and continuous improvement in the implementation of these processes;
  • Release internal resources to strategic issues;
  • Decrease in investments in capital and training in the implementation of these processes;
  • High quality financial information;
  • Control and reduce operating costs;
  • Smaller physical footprint;
  • Less overhead to the company HR;
  • Guarantee of expertise, knowledge and advice in critical activities such as tax assessment or accounting closings;
  • Reduced risk of critical activities due to quality control and process management (ISO 9001) made by partwork;
  • Reduced costs due to the competitiveness of the proposed partwork services.

Why should I outsource?

The administration spends too much time on administrative and financial matters;

It has a template specialization by activity;

Allocates prepared for each type of activity employees and ensures security due to segregation of duties;

It is difficult to attract and retain quality staff;

Business processes are inefficient;

The technology used is outdated or no plans to replace or upgrade;

Need for special reports and access to specialized resources;

The organization plans to strategic changes, acquisitions or mergers;