BPO Contábil
The BPO is the outsourcing of a business process of the company, which normally is not part of their "core business", performed by partwork.
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Recursos Humanos
The service HR Consulting partwork aims to encourage the participation of all employees in the growth and development of the company.
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Gestão Administrativa
The partwork provided by Administrative Management aims to map all business processes to diagnose and guide improvement of these, which will increase the overall result and encourage the participation of members, shareholders, managers and all staff.
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Auditoria e Controladoria
The partwork performs numerous modalities on the area of ​​Audit and Control, such as: Accounting, Document, Financial, Drawing, Operational and awards and raffles, plus Due Diligence, Inventory Inventories and Assets Survey.
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Planejamento Tributário
The Tax Planning seeks a lower tax burden resulting from the law itself, through the largest tax recovery, study of operational processes to generate future economy and reducing the risk of tax evasion.
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