Audit and Controllership

The partwork performs numerous modalities on the area of ??Audit and Control, such as: Accounting, Document, Financial, Drawing, Operational and awards and raffles, plus Due Diligence, Inventory Inventories and Assets Survey.


Accounting Audit

Audit of financial statements of the company for the purpose of issuing an opinion in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles:

USGAAP: U.S. Accounting Principles.
IFRS: International accounting standards.

Brazilian GAAP: Since the Law 11.638/07 Brazilian accounting has undergone profound changes to conform to international accounting standards, through aspects related to fixed assets, replacement and creation of financial statements, creating new financial groups, business combination, new forms of recognition investments, consolidated statements and mandatory accounting audit.

Benefits: Reliability in accounting information, reduced business risk, reduce financial costs.


Audit Document

Aims to validate the registration, accounting, tax situation, human, resources tax and documentary analysis of all areas of the company.

Benefits: Diagnose any past contingencies that might bring unforeseen costs for the company.


Financial Audit

Analysis of financial company documentation of a previously stipulated period, with the aim of identifying gaps or weaknesses in the company's financial controls.

Benefits: Identification of fraud, reducing costs by inefficient processes, improved documentation and administrative processes of the company.


Audit of Circulation

Validation of the amount printed to ensure greater reliability to customers.

Benefits: Certification of the amount of added credibility to be provided to customers.


Operational Audit

Survey and validation of the company's internal controls. Application of risk management processes. The benefits related to strong corporate governance environment can be summarized as business continuity, safeguarding of assets, information integrity and cost reduction in inefficient processes.

Benefits: Reduction and elimination of business risks, reducing costs by inefficient processes, reliability of the source information for strategic decision making.


Due Diligence

Audit procedure in companies buying and selling process, involving specific, related to the assessment of the carrying amounts of the assets and personnel, as well as tax, legal, labor and other aspects that directly or indirectly influence the negotiation process liabilities.

Benefits: Measuring contingencies unidentified preparation of the improvement plan and sanitation company.


Audit Awards and Sweepstakes

Assessment and monitoring of standards and Lottery awards in general, aiming to highlight the transparency of its results.

Benefits: Credibility in the process marketing tool for membership.


Inventory Inventories

We calculate the quantities, characteristics and location of inventory items, for the purpose of aligning accounting and tax records, for acquisition of companies, implementing and improving internal controls and systems.

Benefits: Identifying gaps, reducing the risks related to the operation, reliability of information for decision making.


Survey of Fixed Assets

This work consists of the physical inventory of fixed assets and documentary. Aims to assist the company in implementing new accounting requirements prevailing in Brazil, related to the book value, residual value, impairment, determination of life among other things.

Benefits: Compliance with new accounting rules, identifying deviations, reducing the risks related to the operation, reliability of information for decision making.